Thursday, May 8, 2008

family ties...

Mother's day is fast approching so we did this great photoshoot that was so fun with all the grandkids.. You can see so much character in these pics. This is all the cousins or as we call it, "the bell bunch"...and of course with 7 kids it was very hard to get the perfect posed picture so we settled for character shots instead... Its crazy to see how quick a personality can change.. My favorite is the one on the grass. Looks like something out of a fairytale...Enjoy the peek..<


Anonymous said...

Hi Traci! These are wonderful pictures of all the grandchildren. What a great idea.

Thanks for your comment on my photo blog! Do you have a homeschool blog as well? I'm glad to "meet" you. :)

Isabel Inspired Designs said...

Blown away again girl!
You do amazing work!! I am so sorry I haven't called, I keep saying that I will soon and I keep running out of time. Sometime this week, I promise!