Thursday, August 16, 2007

Our Birthday Princess Turned 3...

Our little princess, Alexis, turned 3 last week. She had so much fun playing with all her friends. Thank you to all who came and made it such a fun day for all of us. She recieved a special hug from Chuck E. Cheese and is such a "big girl" riding her new bike!! And of course enjoyed her cupcake cake... She did not want to go home... But slept like an angel that night....LOL..

Farm Fresh

A quick sneek peek of my newest set to come... This one is a loved favorite... I adored this farm fresh material the day I saw it. A perfect set for school or for that perfect school fieldtrip. I hope you enjoy the peek. I will to be listing it within the next 2 weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for it. And if you would like to know when its listed, sign up for my mailing list to your right.

A new member of our family..

Introducing... Landyn Micheal

We recently recieved a new addition to our family. Congrats to Micheal and Caston (my neice) for thier new baby boy... I was blessed to take his first photo shoot, and what a photo shoot it turned out to be. He is such a cute little guy. Here were a few pictures from the photo shoot. I am so honored to be sharing these.

A fun summer..

Its been a while since I have written. What can I say other than an incredible summer. With school starting up soon I will begin working again on several fall and holiday sets. I have had so much fun with my daughter Alexis and all my mommy lunches. We finally set up our pool a few months ago and Alexis begs everyday to go out. Of couse we go, when I do not have morning sickness, although for me its been a bit more of all day sickness..These are a few quick pictures of my little girl this summer growing up so fast.. Before I know it she'll be ready for school.